How to Fix HP Laserjet Printer Supply Memory Error 10.0000?

HP Laserjet Printer Supply Memory Error 10.0000

The HP LaserJet Supply Memory Error occurs when the printer is powered on, or even when a new toner cartridge is being installed by a user. If all compatible toners are in use then, this may comes as a false alarm. This error signifies that the printer is incapable of communicating with the toner cartridge properly and is communicating with the cartridge via a microchip or even with a metal contact on the bottom side of the cartridge. When a HP printer somehow detects a non HP supply error then, we get this “Supply Memory Error” which is also numbered as (10.0000). Our HP experts have penned down steps to Fix HP Laserjet Printer Supply Memory Error 10.0000 Of HP LaserJet printer

Steps to Fix HP Laserjet Printer Supply Memory Error 10.0000

HP Laserjet Printer Supply Memory Error 10.0000

Step 1: Remove the cartridge

• Remove the cartridge first carefully and then navigate to under side to search for a microchip or metal contact tool.
• Perform a check to see whether there is any cracked or fallen off piece to make sure that nothing obstructing it to go ahead with removing the HP LaserJet Printer Supply Memory Error.

Step 2: Check for Any Foreign Objects Inside the Printer

• After you have removed the cartridge, look inside the printer to search for if any foreign objects are there in the printer which may possibly get in the way of the chip or in the metallic contact.
• Remove if something is there and then re-install the printer cartridge.
• Wait for a while to check if the printer is displaying any type of error again. At last, press the “OK” button or the “green check-mark” button. If the “issue” is only caused due to the problems recognizing the non HP OEM cartridge then, it will clear the message by allowing users to go back to printing mode.

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How to Fix HP Printer Error 0x61000f6 ?

Fix HP Printer Error 0x61000f6

When operating with a machine, you get an HP printer error 0x61000f6. Don’t think about it then. Error 0x61000f6 is a common Error since the HP printer has not been properly connected and may be a problem with the mounting of the printer. Corrupt download software, incomplete installation of the printer driver software, and corrupted Windows Registry are other reasons. Nonetheless, you can easily Fix HP Printer Error 0x61000f6 .

HP Printer Error 0x61000f6

Steps to Fix HP Error Code 0x61000f6

If a cartridge is not properly installed, the printer can indicate a carriage jam error. Take these measures to ensure proper installation of the cartridges.

On Photosmart HP Printers, HP General Printer Error 0x61000f6 also known as Carriage Jam Error, happens very frequently. The printer stops working and does not print any documents when a jam occurs in the printer because of paper scraps or for any other purpose. The printer displays a ‘0X610000F6’ or ‘Carriage Jam’ error message on its LCD screen at that time. Jamming of foreign artefacts or defaults in cartridges are the principal reasons behind this HP Printer Error 0X610000F6.

To delete this “error” alone, add any of the following solutions to your HP Printer. Here are some steps to troubleshoot this 0x61000f6 error, so you just need to follow the steps below to fix this problem.

 Step 1: Turn OFF and Turn On your Printer

  • First of all, switch off your HP printer by pressing the power button. If your printer does not turn off, then automatically go to Method 2 by stopping Method 1.
  • Wait for a minute and switch on your printer again by pressing your printer’s power button.
  • Now, please check whether or not HP Officejet printer error 0x61000f6 has been fixed. If an error of 0X610000F6 is still shown, then execute method 2.

Step 2: – Check Carriage Moves Automatically

The mistake often happens because of the carriage jam condition. You’ll need to follow the directions below.

  • The first thing you can do is to inspect the carriage of your printer. So, you have to open the carriage access door while your printer is ON.
  • You now need to check that the carriage is automatically moving.
  • If you find that your carriage does not move automatically, you can try to manually move it to the left.
  • You will need to verify that the paper pieces that are placed along the carriage path are present.

Step 3: – Move and Reinstall the Cartridges

Sometimes, one of the causes of this error may be due to incorrect positioning or installation of the cartridges. You should then obey the instructions below to uninstall them and then reinstall them.

  • Press the “Fuel” button on your printer in the first place.
  • Next, open the access door for the cartridge. Then the carriage moves to the center of the piece.
  • To release it, click on the tab on the front of the cartridge and then pull it up and out slowly to extract it from its slot.
  • To extract each cartridge, repeat these steps then.
  • Now search under and around the carriage for obstructions. If you spot one, clear any barriers.
Steps to Reinstall the Cartridges:-
  • Hold the printer cartridge along its sides first, with the contacts facing the carriage.
  • Then, slip the cartridge into the empty slot slowly, and then press the cartridge down as it snaps into place firmly.
  • Then, to reinstall each cartridge, you need to repeat these steps.
  • First, you must close the access door to the cartridge.
  • By pressing the ‘Fuel’ button, switching on the printer.

If not, then follow the next step. I hope your problem is solved.

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Method 4: – Manually Install the Repair Software Tool

You can try to download, according to your preference, any repair software tool like SmartPCFixer and others.

  • Then download the website’s repair software tool and save it on your device.
    On your PC, open the software tool.
  • Then run a full scan on your PC to properly get rid of this error and other problems.

But, if this problem still exists, then you can help to troubleshoot HP Error 0x61000f6 with experts.

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