How To Fix HP Scanner Failure Error Code 30.1.8?

Fix HP Scanner Failure Error Code 30.1.8

This is a scanner-calibration error code which happens when your scanner is locked or the cable might not be well connected properly. Fix HP Scanner Failure Error Code 30.1.8 with appropriate guidelines. While you are in the process of initializing the sequence, the scanner optical assembly will move from its home position to its calibration strip.

Steps to Fix HP Scanner Failure Error Code 30.1.8 are as follows

Fix HP Scanner Failure Error Code 30.1.8

Step 1: Raise your ADF and ensure that your scanner lock is in the unlocked position as per HP Scanner Support team

Step 2: Turn on the MFP and have a check if the optical assembly is working fine or not?

Step 3: If it does not move, then users are requested to remove the scanner glass to check if anything is restricting the optical assembly from moving.

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Step 4: To fix HP Scanner failure error code 30.1.8, do ensure that this optical-assembly drive belt is installed properly.

Step 5: Users need to verify that connector on the scanner-controller PCA is well seated and the connector on your scanner-controller PCA is firmly seated.

Step 6: Also verify that the scanner connector for the scanner-home-position sensor is well seated.

Step 7: if this error continues to happen then, replace your scanner control board

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