How to Email a Scanned document?

Email a Scanned document

There are different ways you can scan a document to email. You can scan your document using a stand-alone scanner or a multi-function printer. But the easiest way to do that is to use your mobile phone or tablet to scan documents. HP Deskjet 5525 is known as an all-in-one printer, copier, as well as scanner. The scanning process of HP Deskjet 5525 printer allows users how to email a scanned document to an inserted memory card, scan the documents and attach various photo or document via email. Below are few steps described by professional HP Printer Technical Support team members to directly copy email a scanned document with an HP DeskJet 5525 printer.

HP Deskjet 5525 printer

Step by Step Guide How to Email a scanned document with HP Deskjet 5525, 2540,2131 and 3700.

Part 1 discusses about the steps to set up the printer

• Turn on the printer to easily locate the power button on the printer and then press it to turn it on thereafter.
• Open up and get access to the printer’s flatbed scanner.
• Setting up your document is essential to facing down the document or photo for a scan which you wish to go for.

Email a Scanned document

Part 2- Connecting the Printer to the Network

• Tap on the “Settings” options
• Tap on the “Wireless Setup Wizard” by scrolling down to find this.
• Selecting the Network SSID menu is highly recommendable for users. 4
• Enter the wireless passcode carefully as it is highly sensitive in nature.
• Next, users are required to confirm settings by just clicking on the OK button
• View the confirmation message

Part 3 discusses about scanning of an E-mail

• Registration of the printer with the help of HP Print or HP is essential.
• Checking for the Internet connection is essential to perform the task.
• Select the Scan to E-mail button.
•Configuration of output settings is highly recommendable by professional HP printers support experts
• Input the recipient’s e-mail carefully.
• At last, a user is required to go for a scan process

These setup steps must be completed once before this method will work.

Get Windows Scan – Microsoft Store

Get the free app Windows Scan from the Microsoft Store.

Set Window Scan file type to pdf

Open Windows Scan and in the left column change File type from png to pdf.

Add your email account to Mail in Windows 10

This method requires using Windows 10 Mail. I’m not a fan of Windows 10 Mail except it is useful in this case. For everyday gmail usage, continue using the web interface

Set Microsoft Edge as default pdf handler

Out of the box Windows 10 sets Microsoft Edge as your default PDF reader. If you’ve been using another software to handle this type of document, you can quickly set Edge as your preferred PDF reader.

Go to Settings > Apps > Default apps, click the Choose default apps by file type link. Then scroll down and click the app that is currently set a default for .pdf, and select Microsoft Edge from the list.

Set Mail as a default email client on Windows 10

This is required so we can send the scanned pdf as an email attachment, directly from Edge.

  1. Click on the Start Menu Windows 10 Start Icon button bottom-left.
  2. Now click on the Settings Windows 10 Settings menu item.
  3. Then click the System Windows 10 Settings – System icon.
  4. Click Default apps.
  5. Under for the Email heading, click on current default email client.
  6. In the Choose an app menu, click Mail to make it the default app.

How to email a scanned document

Now with Setup complete, we scan to email from the computer using this method.

  1. Open Windows Scan, also known as Scan.
  2. Click Scan to start the scan.
  3. Click View to open. We’re expecting the pdf to open in Edge.
  4. Click Share.
  5. Click Email.
  6. Choose account to send from, if you have more than one email account.
  7. Enter the recipient in the To field.
    You may like to change the subject and write a message so that person knows what this attachment is about.
  8. Click Send.

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How to Remove Entire Existing Data on a Hard Disk Using HP Disk Sanitizer?

Remove Entire Existing Data on a Hard Disk Using HP Disk Sanitizer

Disk Sanitizer means deleting or erasing any data from your hard drive, especially if the data is confidential. Though, erasing the data does not suggest that the data is lost forever. The deleted data can be recovered with Data Sanitizing services.

HP Disk Sanitizing offers a secure way of deleting data from PC Hard drives permanently. With the help of this Sanitizer, it makes the deleting process easier. The Sanitizer works around all the hard drives. It basically writes different patterns of data to make sure that the data is permanently deleted.

HP Disk Sanitize offers HP computer end-users a highly safe method of permanently deleting all the data from their PC hard drives. It works across the hard drive and writes random and various patterns of data to ensure that the data is deleted permanently. To get instant technical assistance for using HP Disk Sanitizer contact HP Computer Technical Support Number +1-888-405-0090.

How to Remove Entire Existing Data on a Hard Disk Using HP Disk Sanitizer

Steps to Remove Entire Existing Data on a Hard Disk Using HP Disk Sanitizer?

Part 1: Download HP Disk Sanitizer

1- Go to the HP Support Center website.
2- From there download HP Disk Sanitizes software. Search for the “Download” button and click on it.
3- This software will be downloaded to your computer.
4- Run the downloaded file by double-clicking at it.

Part 2: Ready for Disk Sanitation

1- Make a backup of entire data on your PC.
2- You can also copy this file to a bootable USB drive.
3- Create boot order for PC.
4- Reboots your PC and it starts the HP Disk Sanitizer screen after your computer restarts.

Part 3: Deleting the Entire Data on Hard Drive

1- Choose the Single Pass Erase alternative after booting. HP Disk Sanitizer was shown a menu. Here choose the first alternative for “Erase Hard Drive.”
2- Choose the hard drives to delete.
3- Also choose the hard disk you wish to be deleted.
4- After the process is finished you need to install a new operating system properly.


      –There is another method to solve this issue–


Simple Method to Erase Existing Data on a Hard Drive using HP Disk Sanitizer

Step 1: 

First of all, visit the official website of HP Support Center. Once you are on the webpage, look out for the HP Disk Sanitizer software. Click the download button once you have found the software to begin the download process. Now the downloading will begin. Now the software will be downloaded into your computer. To run the file, double-click on it.

Step 2: 

Before you begin the sanitization work, create a backup of the whole date on your PC. You may also copy the entire file into a bootable USB drive as well. Next, create a boot order for the PC. Finally, go ahead and reboot your computer. The HP Disk Sanitization will begin once the computer restarts.

Step 3: 

Now to start deleting all the data that is on the hard drive, select the Single Pass Erase option after Booting. The HP Disk Sanitizing option displays in the menu. Next, go ahead and select the first alternative option for “Erase Hard Drive”. Select the hard drive from where you want to delete all the data. Also, choose the hard disc which you want to delete. Keep in mind, once this process is over, you will have to install a new operating system appropriately.

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Easy Steps to Connect HP LaserJet 1010 Printer Driver for Window 7

Connect HP LaserJet 1010 Printer Driver for Window 7

One thing which is very prominent about HP LaserJet 1010 printers is that it was released way before Windows 7 was released and so it is true according to the team of HP Printer Technical Support professionals that trying to install HP printer on a Windows 7 computer is a difficult task. One of the common reasons about this is due to its compatibility issues. Luckily, for users there are other drivers that are available from the same brand family known as HP printer where users can make use of LaserJet 1010 printer work on their Windows 7 PC. Here are Easy Steps to Connect HP LaserJet 1010 Printer Driver for Window 7.

Easy Steps to Connect HP LaserJet 1010 to the Window 7

Below are given compelling steps to explained by HP Printer Tech Support Team to how connect HP LaserJet 1010 printer to Windows 7.

Connect HP LaserJet 1010 Printer Driver for Window 7

Part 1 Describes all about Connecting the HP Printer to the Computer

1- Connect the HP LaserJet 1010 to the computer carefully.
2- Plug in the printer directly to a power supply and switch it on.
3- Click on the “Orb” button thereafter.
4- Select on the “Control Panel” C menu
5- Click on the “Add a Printer” menu to complete the process
6- Next, simply choose the “Add a Local Printer” menu.
7-Get access to “Use an existing port” option.

Part 2 Deals with the Configuration of the Settings

1- Choose the “HP” menu directly from the list of manufacturers available.
2- Selection of the “Use the driver that is currently installed” is necessary.
3- A user simply needs to type in the name which he/she wants for their printer.
4- At last, simply choose whether you wish to share the printer or not?

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Fix Crashed Laptop: How to Reboot a Crashed Laptop Windows 7?

Reboot a Crashed Laptop Windows 7

A crashed MS Windows OS based PC can signifies various things. It may be a symptom of a serious hardware or software issue, or can be the outcome of running a program which is unstable. To correctly scan your computer and finding the crash cause goes a long way in troubleshooting your PC. For instant resolution of this technical issue contact HP Computer Tech Support +1-877-889-9909.

How to Reboot a Crashed Laptop Windows

This Blog will teach you the correct procedure to reboot a ‘Windows’ PC that has been crashed. Fix Crashed Laptop: How to Reboot a Crashed Laptop Windows 7?Below the steps are given in a right manner to reboot a crashed MS Windows OS based PC.

Reboot a Crashed Laptop Windows 7

Ways to Recover Your System When Windows Crashes

  • Try to find out what was the cause of the crash. This can sometimes be discover by running MS Windows in safe mode rather launching the Log Files of MS Windows, or if there’s a blue screen, you can view the issue written after the memory index such as FFFF01230x230.
  • To launch the Windows Logs file, do these steps:
  • Click on the Start button and then click on the Control Panel.
    Next click on the Performance and Maintenance, and then click the “Administrative Tools”.
  • Now Double-click on the Computer Management.
  • Identify and connect hardware cables again.
  • Restart your MS Windows PC and then cross check the connections.
  • Connect all wires again, and try to restart the PC.
  • Undo all the recent changes in software by launching the “System Restore” tool.
  • Also launch the option “Last Known Good Configuration”.
  • Try to run your Windows computer in the Safe Mode.
  • Also Use the utilities like rescue disk applications. Boot the PC using the rescue CD or Operating System installation disc. These discs can help you in fixing problems that are stopping the computer from booting properly.

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How to Configure a HP Laptop to a Wireless Router?

Configure a HP Laptop to a Wireless Router

Router Setup and Security- Learn How to Set up your Wireless Router and configure its security settings. HP Laptop Support Phone Number +1-855-626-0142 for HP Laptop Repairs. So, have you ever wondered about the proper usage of wireless router with the laptop? If no, then have look at our blog guided by HP Laptop technical support team on How to Configure a HP Laptop to a Wireless Router. It is possible due to advanced technology which is generating day by day on much faster basis.

How to Configure a HP Laptop to a Wireless Router

Configure a HP Laptop to a Wireless Router

1- Initially every user needs to set up a router.
2- Next, on the Windows XP operating system, simply look at the right side of the task-bar.
3- Then, a user is required to select the wireless network according to their choice.
4- On the Windows Vista system, he/she is recommended to directly open up the Control Panel which is located right in the Start Menu section and then click on the network and internet option according to the expert professionals of HP technical support.
5- Next, a user is supposed to go for single click connect to the network.

At last, in the Windows 7 operating system, follow the same procedure as Windows Vista that was mentioned in step 3 as well as in the step 4.

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Steps to Install HP Laserjet 1020 Drivers on Mac OS X

Install HP Laserjet 1020 Drivers on Mac OS X

While it is true that HP does not specifically have a set of Mac drivers for Laserjet printer 1020, there is a workaround procedure for installing HP Laserjet 1020 drivers on Mac OS X. According to the Printer Technical Support Number Experts, the user is expected to follow these instructions below.

Steps to install HP Laserjet 1020 printer Drivers on Mac OS X

What is HP LaserJet 1020 driver?

HP LaserJet 1020 Drivers apply to the packet category consisting of official printer drivers for the HP LaserJet 1020 series. According to HP Support Number Professionals, users need to continue the process of downloading the drivers to actively monitor the features, properties and other modes of the printer from the PC.

HP LaserJet1020 Drivers

Installation of HP LaserJet 1020 driver on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion (10.6, 10.7 and 10.8)—

• Turn off and unplug the printer.
• Download and instal the drivers carefully.
• Restart your Mac machine to get the process running smoothly.
• Turn on and connect the printer carefully.
• Access the Device Preferences choice, print, and then press the Fax option.
• Press the “+” button to easily connect the printer.
• Open the driver list and pick the HP LaserJet 1020 printer

Install HP Laserjet 1020 Drivers on Mac OS X

Steps To Install hp laserjet 1020 printer Drivers on Mac OS X

This tutorial will show you how to mount HP LaserJet 1020 Printer on Mac OS X 10.7.2 Lion. The printer is connected directly to the Mac Book Pro via USB cable. Here’s the step-by-step:

1. Plug the printer’s USB cable into the USB port

2. Run Machine Preferences, then press Print & Scan

3. To set up a printer, press Add (+) in the Print & Scan window.

4. The Add Printer window will be shown.

5. Click on the model of the printer above. The name and position of the printer will be specified automatically. See the photo below.

6. Click the Choose Driver or Printer Model button, and then choose Printer Softwar.

7. The Printer Software window will appear, listing all installed drivers. Type ‘HP LaserJet 1022’ in the search bar to quickly locate the printer engine. Select ‘HP LaserJet 1022,’ and press Yes.

8. Now, ‘HP LaserJet 1022,’ should be set in the Print Use option as in phase 5. To add a printer, press the Add button.

9. It’s all been finished. The printer should now be seen in the Printer & Scan pane.

I hope this tutorial will help when you connect HP LaserJet 1020 to Mac OS X 10.

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Important Points to Consider While Purchasing a HP Laptop

Important Points to Consider While Purchasing a HP Laptop

HP is a highly popular and leading American multinational company in the world and it manufacture world class machines such as computer, laptop, scanner, printer and tablet for business and individual customers as per their needs.

If you want to buy a HP laptop then you must consider the important points given below. If you need technical assistance for purchasing a laptop then please contact HP Laptop Support Phone Number at +1-855-626-0142.

Screen quality-
The Full HD screen with a resolution of around 1920×1080-pixel and equipped with IPS (in-plane switching) technology offers the best value for your hard earned money and widest viewing angles.

Important Points to Consider While Purchasing a HP Laptop

2. Battery life
You need to look for the laptop battery rating in terms of milliamp-hours (mAh) or Watt-hours (Wh). The higher these values are, and the longest is the battery life. For example a laptop with a battery rating between 44Wh to 50Wh is considered the best in terms of battery life.

3. CPU
The AMD and Intel 7th gen processors provide the best performance for the tasks such as multimedia and multitasking. For entry level HP laptops, Core i3, for mainstream laptops Core i5 and for performance laptops Core i7 processors are the best.

4. RAM
You require a minimum of 4GB of DDR 4RAM or more to get the best performance from your HP laptop. For tasks such as image, sound and video editing you need at least 16 GB of DDR4 Ram and a good quality graphics card.

5. Solid State Drive (SSD)
Solid State Drivers or SSD are the new rage these days as their speed is much faster and they produced no noise.

6. Graphics Card
If gaming or multimedia work is your top priority then go for a HP laptop with discrete graphics card. If you need the laptop for net-surfing, and basic office work like word processing, spreadsheets, presentations then integrated graphics are sufficient.

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How to Clear off a Paper Jam on an HP Inkjet Printers: HP Printer Support

Few important steps to effectively clear off a Paper Jam on an HP Inkjet Printers

A serious issue arises when your paper get jam at the time printing and it more frustrating when it is HP Inkjet printer. Below are “few important steps to effectively clear off a paper jam on an HP inkjet printer” described by HP Printer Technical Support panel to help users overcome with this headache.

Well, (HP) inkjet printer is sold out with different designs as well as models. It comes with printed black and white or even in colored documents as well with pictures for both home and office purposes. It’s often seen at the time when a piece of paper gets stuck in the inkjet printer, a jam might occur, and the printer will simply either push out a crumpled, smudged paper, or it will stop forever. In such cases, one needs to pull out the paper which is badly stuck.

Check out for the paper tray: The paper tray is known as the most likely spot where a paper jam might occur. If there is any loose paper in the paper tray, then simply remove it. So, if any paper accidentally got stuck while working from the tray into the printer, what you simply need to do is to pull it back out of the printer to efficiently remove it.

Clear off a Paper Jam on an HP Inkjet Printers

Follow these steps to remove a paper jam

1- Press on the resume button on the printer provided if this is the only spot where the paper got jammed.

2- Remove carefully the rear section access door of the inkjet printer: This step will allow users to have a look into the printer to analyze where a paper might get jammed. On the other hand, there should be a button that will release the door and will then allow users to take it off.
3- Carefully pull out any of the paper which is stuck inside the rollers at the back of the printer. Make sure that all of the papers have been removed carefully including any scraps of paper or ripped pieces of it.
4- Replace all the rear access door onto the printer and have a look if there is any other paper which is still stuck in the printer? If you find any paper stucked inside it, then press the Resume button.
5- Simply lift up the front cover of the inkjet to minimize the risk of damaging your printer.
6- Check out for the print carriage to ensure that it is working absolutely fine.

7- Unplug the power cord and carefully move the carriage.
8- Do not forget that it is not allowed to force it if it is stuck or hung up on something else.
9- Carefully rotate the rollers inside the printer for at least 3 full rotations if the printer carriage is still not moving freely. Easily roll them in the upwards direction to make sure that everything inside the printer is functioning properly without getting constraints.

10- Next, test the printer to ensure that it is printing features are working correctly and is not jammed again.

If you still facing any issues, then just dial at HP support for immediate service if the test page doesn’t print properly. HP Printer customer Support Service Number +1-855-626-0142 is accessible by all types of customers facing having different issues encountered in their HP laptops. We are a group of highly talented and certified HP Tech Support professionals who assist customers 24 hours a day in solving their daily issues encountered by them for HP laptops.

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How to Resolve Internet & Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues in HP Laptop?

Internet & Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues in HP Laptop

When you upgrade to the latest version of MS Windows i.e. Windows 10 in your HP laptop you might face internet and Wi-Fi connectivity related issues. If your Wi-Fi is not working in your laptop then you are not connect with your network or other wireless gadgets. You also face difficulties in sharing the internet connection from your laptop with various other devices. We are providing you the troubleshooting procedure which will assists you in resolving this issue. If you still face any problem then contact HP customer support service.


Upgrade to the latest version of the Wireless Network Adapter Driver

These types of errors mainly arise when the drivers of your wireless network adapter are obsolete. Therefore you require downloading and installing the current version of the wireless network adapter device driver. Most probably this will fix your issue. The Windows 10 operating system continuously updates the drivers through the “Windows Update”.

Internet & Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues in HP Laptop

Use System Restore to restore from a system restore point

When the step given above does not provide any result, then you can run the tool system restore. A restore point is normally created when you install a Windows Update, driver, or application. You can also manually create the restore points. To do this go to the Start button and choose “Control Panel”.
Look Control Panel for Recovery. Choose “Recovery”, which opens the system restore and click on next. Select the restore point which is related to the Wi-Fi network driver. The final step is to click on the “finish” button.

Check that your router is working properly

Check that the wire is correctly connecting with your router and the network is also correct. Also unplug the cables from the router, re-plug them again and restart your router. You can also run the troubleshooting tool available in Windows 10 to check that everything is OK. This tool helps you in resolving internet and Hp Laptop Won’t Connect To Wifi. You can also take assistance from HP customer support number (toll-free) +1-877-889-9909 for online support.

Dial our HP Technical Support toll-free number +1-877-889-9909 any time,

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