How to Resolve HP Boot into Safe Mode Issue?

HP Boot into Safe Mode

When you are using a gadget or any electronic device you are bound to encounter technical issues. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth fixing. Hp laptops encounter various issues and users frequently come up with issues related to hp laptops especially regarding its startup. In this article, we will provide you easy hacks to mend your Hp laptop startup issues and HP Boot into Safe Mode process.

When your Hp laptop is not being able to cope with the booting process properly, it is for sure that your device has encountered some serious issues. Mainly users have booting problems on their device because of hardware issues mostly.

How to recognize your issue?

Before knowing about the cure users must be well accustomed to the problem and its symptoms. This type of startup up issues mainly takes place because of device mishandling or faulty hardware. Mentioned below are some symptoms that will help you to recognize the problem.

HP Boot into Safe Mode Issue

Solution 1-

  • The display screen of your laptop appears blank.
  • After switching on the laptop, it fails to start.
  • The laptop will blink but won’t respond, as well as it beeps.
  • Irrespective of the LED light glowing the fan of the device makes an unpleasant noise.
  • The Windows logo will be visible on the device screen but it freezes.

These are some of the major and noteworthy symptoms you will encounter and you can be pretty sure that your device is facing trouble. Hence do not delay further instead try resolving it at the earliest possible time.

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Know how to fix your problem-

As soon as you are done figuring out the cause and the problem resolve your issue without a delay. Listed below are some easy and quick fixes for your issue. Apply them now and get your issue solved.

  • Remove all the peripherals and turn off your device if it is switched on.
  • If your laptop is not switching on or not responding at all then just remove all the external devices.
  • After you are done removing the externals, reattach them and switch on your device.
  • Update your BIOS, to update your BIOS a startup screen should be visible.
  • In order to bring your startup screen press the F9 button.
  • Booting process will begin without further hindrance.

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  • There is no power supply to your device, make sure there is a proper power supply.
  • Remove the power from the back of your laptop and then press the front power button for just 20 seconds.
  • You have to drain all the stored power and restore back the power by plugging the device back.

Booting in safe mode

You might encounter the problem because of issues related to the software as well. During those cases, all you need to do is boot your hp laptop in a safe mode process. After you are done with the booting process remove any recently installed software as well as drivers.

To avoid further glitches:-

In order to avoid such issues later, maintain your device well. Followings tips will help you.

  1. Plug in your laptop even when you are not working on it.
  2. Make it a point to close all the applications that are useless.
  3. Remove accessories that you don’t require.
  4. Use the battery saver for better battery life and do not keep your Bluetooth on.
  5. The laptop vents should be clean and well maintained.

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