HP EliteBook Camera Error Code 0XA00F4244

HP EliteBook Camera Error Code 0XA00F4244


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Here we conclude that the aforesaid issue is caused due to obsolete or incompatible driver within your system that is causing it. HP EliteBook camera error code 0XA00F4244 by connecting with our technical team. We not only fix the specific kind of error but also deal with a wide number of issues confined to HP EliteBook laptops.

Having Error0xA00F4244 On Windows 10 can’t find your computer while you’re loading, turning on the screen or phone? This is mostly due to corruption of antivirus software blocking the webcam or camera program, or corruption of the installed Imaging Driver, which is not compatible with the latest version of Windows. What results is0xa00f4244(0xc00dabe0) camera error code. The message of complete error would be like :

Windows users complain particularly after recent windows 10 1903 when opening the web camera or camera app its failed to open with an error message like windows can not locate the camera app, error code0XA00F4244 (0X80070005) make sure it is properly installed and so on. As discussed corrupted, the main reason behind this issue is incompatible Imaging system driver. Some others are antiviruses.

Disable Antivirus and Firewall

Begin with the first simple Disable Antivirus, Firewall or any third party to ensure that security software does not cause the problem. Only right-click on the device tray’s antivirus software icon and pick Disable.

To disable Firewall open control panel

  • Click System and Security then Windows Firewall Here in the left pane of the window, click Turn Windows Firewall on or off..
HP EliteBook Camera Error Code 0XA00F4244

Even, if you are linked to an external USB webcam, then try connecting the same to the different USB port.

Run the Control Panel > Troubleshooting > See everything to find built-in troubleshooters. To test the defective component of the hardware.

Make sure the new updates are installed by Windows.  They can be reviewed from the settings-> Update & Protection-> Windows

Make sure the camera is turned ON

If you have previously disabled Windows Apps / Background apps that can also trigger camera error code0xa00f4244(0xc00dabe0) for any reason. We recommend that you check the camera app and make sure it is turned on.
  • Select Windows + I key to open this tab, then select Privacy.
  • Pick Camera from the left line.
  • Here Make sure to turn on the toggle below the camera that says “Let apps use my camera hardware.”
  • Open Settings to save changes and reboot your PC.

Rollback Webcam Driver

If you note that the problem began after the recent update of the engine. Or after the camera app driver has been modified recently? The modified driver may then be incompatible with the current version of the software. That’s why you can go back to the previous driver edition where the camera works perfectly.

  • Open Device Manager by pressing Windows + R to Roll back driver option, type devmgmt.msc and hit the enter key.
  • Expand imaging devices or sound, video, and game controllers or cameras here on the device manager and find your webcam below.
  • Right-click and select Properties on your webcam. Next turn to Driver tab and click on it if you have the option RollBack Driver open.
  • Choose Yes to compete with the rollback and reboot your PC once the process is complete.
  • After that check and open Camera app hope this time starts without any error.
  • Note Rollback Driver option only available if you recently upgraded your driver.

Re-install Webcam Driver

As discussed, the main reason behind this issue is corrupted incompatible engine. So if the Roll back driver solution doesn’t fix the problem or the Rollback driver you don’t have. Then try to update, by following steps, re-install the webcam / camera system app.
  • Click Windows Key + R to do this, then devmgmt.msc, and hit Enter.
  • Right-click on your webcam on System Manager Open Cameras and pick Device Uninstall.
  • Then restart windows to delete files from the driver completely.
  • Now click on Action pick “Check for hardware changes” on the next screen again to open the device manager.
  • The camera app driver will be identified and mounted.

Or you can visit the website of Device Manufacturer (Webcam Manufacturer or Laptop Manufacturer) and download Webcam’s new driver available. Then double-click setup.exe and follow the instructions for installing the driver on the computer.

Reset Camera App to the Default setup

Additionally, try resetting the Webcam app to its original configuration, which can be resolved if the problem started due to the camera app being configured incorrectly. To update the app for the camera

  • To open Preferences, click on Apps and pick Apps & Features from the left-hand menu, press Windows + I keyboard shortcut.
  • Then click on the Camera app in the list and pick Advanced choices.
  • To restore the camera app to its original configuration, press Restore now.
  • To save changes, reboot your PC and restart the camera app.
  • Hope you haven’t got any errors like Windows this time can’t find or start the camera error.

Tweak Windows Registry

If all of the above solutions are not correct, the camera error0xA00F4244 can not be found. Then change the list of windows to solve the problem. We suggest to backup the archive of the registry before changing the registry of windows..

  • Now press the regedit version of Windows Key + R and hit Enter to open the Registry Editor.
  • Next, navigate to the following registry key: select New > DWORD (32-bit) value by right-clicking on the Server.
  • Then, as EnableFrameServerMode, call this new DWORD.
  • Now open the camera app and test that this time it normally starts without any errors because Windows can’t find the camera error0xA00F4244Hopefully, Repair Windows will not be able to find or continue the camera malfunction. When applying these ideas, you still have any questions, suggestions or difficulties to answer in the comments below.Double-click EnableFrameServerMode and shift to 0. Press OK and close the editor of the registry, restart the windows to modify.

Steps to Fix HP EliteBook Camera Error Code 0XA00F4244:-

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