How To Fix HP Notebook Missing Operating System Error Message?

HP Notebook Missing Operating System Error Message

An HP Notebook technical error message which appears on black screen when users are attempting to access the device. Other reasons such as unable to detect the hard drive of Notebook BIOS is also responsible. HP Notebook missing operating system error message by applying expert guidelines explained by users. However there are other reasons such as physically damaged hard-drive and Windows Master Boot Record, located on the hard drive is corrupted. A hard drive partition with Windows MBR won’t be in active mode further. So, to remove the error message, apply below solutions as explained by expert tech support engineers.

Solutions to fix HP Notebook missing operating system error message are as follows

HP Notebook missing operating system error message

Solution 1: Testing the hard drive is considered as one of the effective solutions

Apply below steps as suggested by HP Notebook Support tech support engineers to conduct a test on the hard drive in a Notebook. This is done via HP Hard Drive Self Test mode:

  • Plug in the AC Adapter first and then, tap to hold the Power button for 5 seconds and switch off your device.
  • As suggested by experts, press the F10 key while they are holding the Power button and turn on the device.
  • Release F10 key after a text is visible on the device screen
  • After a BIOS Setup Utility is visible, do press “Right Arrow key” and click on “Tools menu”
  • Select a Hard Drive Self Test and press “Enter key” to start the test.

HP Notebook Missing Operating System Error Message

Solution 2: Repairing the Master Boot Record if the above method did not work out

Now try out this second solution to fix HP Notebook missing operating system error message:

  • Insert the Windows Operating System Disc into an optical drive and hold Power button for at-least 5 Seconds to turn off the Notebook. Click on “Power button” again and switch on the PC.
  • Tap “Enter” button when prompted to “Boot from CD” and from the “Windows Setup Menu’, click ‘R key’ to start the recovery console method. At the C:\> prompt, type ‘FIXMBR’ and press “Enter key” to continue further.
  • Click on “y” key and hold on “Enter” icon when users are actually prompted to do so. Write a new MBR as instructed.
  • Once MBR is written, restart the notebook PC by clicking on device Power button.
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