How To Fix HP Desktop Not Found Error?

HP Desktop Not Found Error

The error will appear on a black Screen and is due to when users have started to work with the system. Fix HP Desktop Not Found Error with our expert technicians who are available at our end. Users here will come across few early signs like their notebook BIOS will not detect its hard drive. There will be hard drive which is physically damaged, users will get to experience corrupted Windows Master Boot Record and hard drive section will no longer exist.

Steps to Fix HP Desktop Not Found Error are

HP Desktop Not Found Error

Step 1: Test the Hard Drive

  • The first and the foremost step is plug into the AC Adapter into the Notebook PC. Now, press the “Power button” for 5 Seconds. Turn off the PC device.
  • Now, tap “F10 key” and also hold “Power button to start your PC device. Leave the F10 button after you will able to see a text on the screen. Once there is a BIOS Setup Utility visible, try to work with a right Arrow key. Select the “Tools menu”.
  • Choose “Hard Drive Self Test” and press “Enter key” to execute the test.

Step 2: Repair the Master Boot Record (MBR)

  • Insert your Windows Disc inside the optical drive which may be CD or DVD. Press power button for 5 Seconds and switch off the PC device. Tap “Power button” to turn of the PC.
  • To fix HP Notebook operating system missing error, click “Enter key” when you are prompted to Boot from CD. Go to the ‘Windows Setup Menu” and press “R key” button. This will start with the Recovery Console. Navigate to the C:\> prompt and type “FIXMBR’ command. Tap or press “Enter key” to continue next.
  • Press “Y” key and click “Enter” icon when you are prompted. Start working with a new MBR. Once done, restart their notebook PC and tap Power button.

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Step 3: Reinstall the System

At last, users need to re-install their operating system. Also, perform a check whether the error is still there or not?

As per as HP Support Service technical expert guidelines, all above steps will help users resolve the matter in an accurate manner. But still it continues then, do approach us.

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How To Fix HP LaserJet Pro M1132 Error E8?

HP LaserJet Pro M1132 Error E8

The aforesaid technical error code is caused due to problems with the scanner carriage within user’s device. So, without delaying, Fix HP LaserJet Pro M1132 error E8 with professional guidelines available with us. However, once carriage movement stalls, the printer will start responding automatically by sending an error light message. Well, the main cause of the irregularity may be due to software issues or breakage in the scanner motor connection or even can be due to technical fault in a motor itself. Follow below instruction to remove the error code by applying simple steps that are mentioned below.

Steps to fix HP Laser Jet Pro M1132 error E8

Step 1: Place your printer device over a sturdy place, most probably in a well-lighted or in a ventilated area. A screw driver, a clean rag and alcohol is required to fix HP Laser Jet Pro error E8 completely. Move onto the next step.

Step 2: Now, open up the main printer cover as well as its smaller inner over. Ensure to unlock the ink cartridge lever by just holding its handle and pull it out.

Step 3: Have a look for your printer roller and un clip it from the holder. Hold these rollers to clean out with the rag damped up in alcohol, allow it to dry. This needs a thorough cleaning process to completely remove dust and all accumulated ink as well as other particles that is coating the device surface.

HP LaserJet Pro M1132 Error E8

Step 4: Clip the roller back to your printer holder to rectify its re-installation process.

Step 5: Turn on the printer sideways and have a look for its jack which is located at the back side and remove its two nuts. Now, pull out the jack.

Step 6: Clean out its black printer roller which is just inside it and reinstall it back to its jack.

Step 7: To fix HP LaserJet Pro error E8, just re-install ink cartridges back to lock its lever down and hold it securely.

Step 8: Close your device and power it up.  If you see error lights blinking on the screen then, open-up you scanner cover. Apply oil on your drive and close the scanner. Power-up the printer again.

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