How To Fix HP Desktop Input Signal Out Of Range Error?

How To Fix HP Desktop Input Signal Out Of Range Error?

The error occurs due to video card resolution issues, problems with monitor’s resolution and technical glitch in device adapters. To avoid future issues, Fix HP Desktop Input Signal Out Of Range Error with adroit instructions which is conveyed by our HP technical experts. We have penned down top solutions to assist users fix the aforesaid error message that are also easy for users to understand and thus apply it.

Solutions to Fix HP Desktop input Signal out of Range Error are as Discussed Below:

Fix HP Desktop Input Signal Out Of Range Error

Solution 1: Try our First Solution and Check if it does the Tricks to Resolve your Problem

  • Reboot the computer into its Safe Mode as suggested by HP Computer Support experts.
  • Once done, try to decrease the video card resolution into a resolution which is well supported by your monitor.
  • If however users have changed their monitor resolution then, it is advised to reboot the desktop and check whether it resolves the issue.
  • However, if all the three above steps did not seems to be working out then, re-install all needed drivers for monitor as well as video card by following expert guidelines.
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  • To Fix HP Computer input Signal out of Range Error, navigate to the Safe Mode and open “Windows Device Manager”.
  • Once done, try to expand the “Display adapters” and “Monitors” sections to easily remove each of these devices listed under above two sections. However, users can also highlight each of the devices by pressing the “delete” key.
  • Once done with the above step, now reboot your computer and let Windows reinstall all needed drivers for these devices. If Windows is not able to find out drivers or if it needs any updated driver for either of these devices then, navigate to the driver section.

Solution 2: This one is Another Solution Provided if the Above one Did Not Work out for you

  • If after applying the above method, users are still coming across the same problem then, perhaps the issue lies with a monitor or a bad video card. To Fix HP Desktop input Signal out of Range Error, apply below steps as guided:
  • Connect the monitor to another working computer. This is done t5o check if the monitor works on another computer or not? If it goes well then, probably the problem lies with a bad video card.
  • So, here rent a working monitor from somewhere and connect it to your device. If it works, then the monitor is in bad condition and should be replaced.

Solution 3: The Last Step One Can Try to Fix this Problem

  • Technical experts recommend users to replace the video card or either the device should be professionally repaired.

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