How To Fix HP Printer Error Code 28 When installing Printer Drivers?

HP Printer Error Code 28 When Installing Printer Drivers

The issue usually occurs because device drivers are not installed. So, before it will cause any serious issue, users should Fix HP Printer Error Code 28 When Installing Printer Drivers immediately. However, for better results one can approach at HP Customer Support Number +1-855-455-1176 anytime. Sometimes users will face issue such unable to identify the connected device. In such cases it is seen that device manager contents are unknown and the next information will be displayed in its Device Status box as “The Drivers for This Device Are Not Installed’. While the error occurs, it’s important to mention that Code 28 in most of the cases do not have the latest device’s drivers installed on the machine. So, installation is the only way to this issue.

HP Printer Error Code 28 When installing Printer Drivers

Solutions to Fix HP Error 28 When Installing Printer Drivers

Solution 1: Update the Device Drivers

  • This method is highly useful and is explained by HP Printer Customer Support team where an appropriate driver is needed to install on your PC. In such cases, users may not have a CD but they can download the latest version of the driver.  Follow the instructions below to perform steps:
  • Download the latest drivers on manual basis appropriate downloadable website and run the setup.exe file executable file that you’ve downloaded;
  • If there is no executable file in the download section then, run the ‘Device Manager’ to find all needed devices in the list. Do it by right clicking on it and choose the “Properties” option. It is recommended to switch to Driver tab and click the “Update Driver” button.

If the above step does not work out then, try the second solutions

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Solution 2: This is Another Solution Where Users need to Find and Install all the Needed Drivers

  • In case users are not able to find out the device and they exactly do not know what has caused this issue then, type the ID to search all needed needed drivers. Follow below instruction as guided:
  • Go to Device Manager and then, search Unknown device in the list provided here. Now right click on it to choose the ‘Properties’ icon
  • In the Properties section, simply switch to Details tab and switch to parameter section in the field to Hardware IDs. Users will be displayed with few IDs and almost every ID will contain separate information about the device. Now navigate to the search process of the driver by simply using the ID
  • Right click on it and here you are done
  • Users will now be displayed with the device ID where searching of the drivers are needed. To perform this step, just search the ID to know the device name. When the device name will appear, just try to download needed drivers from the preferred website.

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