Fix HP Printer in Error State Problems

How To Fix HP LaserJet Printer Error Code 49.XX?

The aforesaid issue is a firmware error which has occurs in the HP LaserJet printer device. Before it causes any future issues while working with the device, we recommend users to Fix HP LaserJet Printer Error Code 49.XX by approaching for a professional guidance. Let us see what are the suitable steps applied by HP technicians to assist users in removing the aforesaid technical error from their device.

Steps to Fix HP LaserJet Printer Error Code 49.XX are as given below

Fix HP LaserJet Printer Error Code 49.XX 

Step 1: The very first step is to press “CANCEL JOB” to easily clear out print jobs from the printer’s memory. Now, as suggested by HP Printer Support technical team, turn off the printer device and switch it on again.

Step 2:  Try to print a job from other software application. If the documents is printing easily then, navigate to the first application and try to print a different file.

Step 3: To fix HP LaserJet printer error code 49.XX, disconnect all cables to the printer that are connected to the network or printer. This should be done if the error code still persists with different software applications and print jobs

Step 4: Switch off the printer and then, remove all memory DIMMs or third-party DIMMs from your printer. Do ensure not to remove the firmware DIMM in the lowest DIMM slot

Step 5: It is suggested to remove all EIO devices from the printer device and switch it on

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Step 6: If the error no longer exists, it is well recommended to install each DIMM as well as EIO device one at a time while ensuring to turn off the printer and switch it on again

Step 7: Replace a DIMM or EIO device if users are completely determined that it is the sole cause of the issue.

Step 8: Do remember to reconnect all of the cables of your HP printer that connect the printer to the network or computer.

Step 9: If still the issue continues to happen then, replace the firmware DIMM and then, try to replace the formatter.

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