How To Fix HP LaserJet Scanner Error 3030?

HP LaserJet Scanner Error 3030

This fault is due to a thin film of ozone or dust build up inside the scanner. Also another reason may be due to paper pieces which is there as a form of jammed between the case as well as scanner glass. Fix HP LaserJet Scanner Error 3030 with professional help. Scanner Error 3030 is a common fault with the Hewlett Packard LaserJet 3030 series printers.

Steps to Fix HP LaserJet Scanner Error 3030 are as follows:

HP LaserJet Scanner Error 3030

Step 1: Turn off the printer device and remove your power cord. To fix HP Scanner error 3030, try to remove your keyboard cover and unclip it in the front upwards.

Step 2: Unplug your keyboard, unclip it and slide sideways.  Then turn it upwards and switch it off.

Step 3: Remove all the screws of your scanner device as well as scanner assembly cover.

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Step 4: Clean all of the mirrors. But while you perform this activity, know that the mirror as well as the scanner are surface coated and they are easily scratched or damaged.

Step 5: Refit your scanner cover and try to clean it inside out of your scanner glass. Now, remove all of the jammed paper to avoid scanner to miss read its location.

Step 6: As per HP Support Service technicians, try to inspect the registration strip which is found in the underside of the scanner glass. Refit your scanner glass, keyboard and its cover.

Step 7: Plug in, power up, and test your scanner now.

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