How To Fix HP Printer Error Code 0x61011beb?

How To Fix HP Printer Error Code 0x61011beb?


The 0x61011beb error occurs when users are trying to align ink cartridges in a HP Officejet 6500 Wireless All-In-One Printer. HP Printer Error Code 0x61011beb with appropriate solutions by approaching at printer Customer Support . However, there are various other reasons for this issue to arise such as improper installation of more than one cartridges.  We will here discuss solutions to get rid of the problem in easy ways about 0x61011beb officejet 6500.

However, one will come across early signs during this error such as communication between the cartridges and  printer is not happening, printer settings have been changed, drivers problems between computer and printers are corrupted.

HP Printer Error Code 0x61011beb

What Causes The HP Printer Error 0x61011beb

The HP Printer Error 0X61011BEB is a common error that occurs in most of the HP Printers. You have to know how to fix it to get rid of this error from your HP printer.

This particular error could be caused by either one of the following conditions:

  • Communication between the cartridges and printer are damaged
  • Printer settings have been changed
  • Drivers between the computer and printer are corrupt

Fix HP Printer Error 0x61011beb

While using HP Printer it will give the best performance to print any paper. If you are facing Error Code 0x61011beb. We are here to solve your problem. To Fix HP Printer Error Code 0x61011beb, follow the easy steps are given below by the HP Printer Support Service team.

Step 1 – Re-Install The Cartridges

The first step is to re-install the cartridges inside your printer. This not only allows you to get your printer working correctly, but also make sure that you’ve actually got enough ink inside to help it print.
  • With the printer power on, disconnect the USB cable from the computer.
  • Remove the ink cartridges
  • Unplug the power cord. Wait for at least 1 minute. Plug the unit back in (press the power button if necessary)
  • Wait for the “Insert Cartridges” message. Reinstall the cartridges
    Close the product doors
  • If you receive a recalibration message, allow the printer to complete this task
  • Reconnect the USB cable
  • Try your print job again

Step 2: Disconnect your USB Device

Plug in your device directly into the wall rather than into a UPS. Perform a verification process whether the unit is switched on or not. Disconnect your USB/Ethernet cable from the All-in-One device.  Disconnect your power cable from All-in-One and also from wall outlet. Wait at-least for 30 seconds and plug- in the power cable to All-in-One and also to wall outlet. Have a check for any defective functionality. Now, try to print the document again

Fix HP Printer Error Code 0x61011beb

Step 3: Update your HP Printer Drivers

It is recommended by HP Printer Customer Service team to update all of the HP Printer drivers to ensure that the computer as well as HP Printer is successfully communicating between one another and work together with minimal errors. This can easily be done by visiting HP’s website as well as downloading the latest drivers from it.

Step 4: Cleaning out All Registry issues

The Registry is a large database in which all the  important details are stored and settings of your PC. The HP Printer Error 0X61011BEB are also caused due to the registry issues in your PC. One of the big causes of HP Printer errors is due to issues arising in “registry” database of the computer. This is a usually a large database which will store vital information as well as settings of the PC and is helps Windows to read the files, settings & options that are needed to run. However, we know that registry is one of the most important parts of every Windows system, it will cause a large number of problems on its way.  So, fix registry issues to get rid of the problem faster.

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