How to Fix HP 49 Service Error ?

Solve HP 49 Service Error

HP Printer 49 service error for HP Laser-jet printers are communication error codes. They can be hard to troubleshoot as many of the culprits are causing HP Printer Error 49. Often these errors may be either temporary errors that clear up a reset, or more permanent errors that eventually need hardware replacement.

Communication error codes are the HP 49 error code for HP Laser-Jet printers. When many of the guilty parties commit 49 errors, they can be difficult to fix problems. These errors can also include either temporary errors that are apparent with a reset, or more permanent errors that actually require hardware replacement. Here are some tips for resolving 49 error codes for HP Laser-Jet printers.

An internal communication issue causes HP Printer Service Error 49 to occur. The company here results in a significant error and its operation is aborted by a formatted processor. HP Printer Error 49 is a major cause of improper printing order, various invalid operations, firmware, and corrupted information, according to HP Support experts. You don’t have to forget that you can face some kind of error when using a technical tool. But fixing HP Service Error 49 without destroying the HP printer is the biggest challenge. Here we’re going to speak with a few quick and short steps about the causes and ways to get rid of this nasty errors.

Causes of HP Printer Error 49

When you try and print a document with a HP printer you may receive the error 49 code. This is usually caused by a communications failure between the printer and the computer, or related file errors. However there are other causes which lead to the imminent error such as, invalid print commands, corrupt data or invalid operations. In some cases, electrical “noise” can cause corruption to data during transmission to the HP printer. Other such causes are poor quality parallel cables and poor connections. You can fix hp Printer error 49 pretty easily by using the tutorial on this page.

The 49 error may be triggered by bad order, corrupt data, incorrect process, firmware, for-mater, or probably by accessories such as an EIO or memory. HP printers service manual says the error is 49. Some studies also say extra trays, duplexes, envelope feeders, etc., under certain conditions, may cause this error.

Fix HP 49 Service Error

Method 1:How to Fix the HP Printer 49 service error

Hewlett Packard Error 49 on HP LaserJet is an error code for firmware communication when a printer tries to perform an operation that the firmware cannot perform. You can encounter this error on a temporary or permanent basis when you try to print a document using the HP laser printer. A printer is a computer and you can not take it for granted because as expected, it sometimes fails to print or perform tasks. However, HP printers have an advanced printer and a user-friendly one.

The error typically occurs due to a lack in communication between the printer and the machine. But there are also other explanations for this mistake. Please review the list of reasons below:

• Hardware related problems also cause this error to occur.

• Network cable failure causes this problem, too.

• Obsolete edition of firmware

• Failure of hard drive

• An error in the database can occur due to a DIMM problem.

These are some of the underlying reasons for your HP printers that are responsible for Service Error 49. You will take the steps below to correct this error.

Here are the ways to fix HP Printer Service Error 49:

When you’re wondering how to address the HP LaserJet Pro 49 service error, you should know that 49 error codes are primarily error-related communication codes. In addition, this error can also be difficult to fix, since there are many variables that cause the same error. They can be intermittent occurrences that can often be resolved by restarting the printer, or permanent issues that can only require hardware replacement.

Check for connections

Test link Switching off the computer and carefully cut all communication cables and WI-FI links. Wait a few seconds to turn it on again and then fasten all the cables properly.

Managing the printer

Unplug the printer from the power cable and unplug all accessories such as EIO cards, memory, duplexes, extra trays and the envelope feeder. After that, plug each computer one by one to see if there is still an error after each attempt.

Cold Reset method

Cold Reset Process Use the cold reset or NVRAM initialization process. A cold reset period resets any small memory settings that are kept, such as basic internal and external jet settings or panel settings. NVRAM is more abstract and removes all internal memory, including error logs.

Resolve the Firmware Error

Perform Non-Volatile RAM Start Switching off HP printer power and remain idle for at least 30 seconds thereafter. Turn it on again and wait until it begins. If there is still an error, make an initialization of NVRAM.

Resolve the Firmware Error Turn off your HP Printer first and turn it on again. Then disconnect the parallel cable and uninstall the DIMM firmware. If that doesn’t suit, you can try to swap the Jet Card. If the error continues to rise, the engine board will have to be replaced.

Update the Printer Driver

Printer driver update Sometimes an old or faulty driver may cause the problem. In your computer, you need to download the latest version of your printer driver.

By applying these measures and making your printer work again you can easily fix the HP Printer 49 service error. However if the error continues to expand, HP Help Canada must be taken. Canadians are well-admired by these support networks in order to provide the optimum solutions to their problems. You may also use the advice of your experts to resolve this failure once and for all.

Method 2: How Fix the HP LaserJet Printer Error 49?

What says the most important thing to know about HP printer error code 49? Yeah, that means your printer has an internal problem. This internal problem has to do with various things, like: —

  • Externalized printer drivers
  • Corrupt printer drivers
  • An issue with the printer of firmware
  • The printing of workers in the line is captured
  • Interior memory chips

If you want to solve the error and restart your work as quickly as possible, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Checkup the printer

  1. Cancel all print work previously done
  2. Switch the printer off now
  3. Wait for two minutes and turn on
  4. Using various software applications and try to print
  5. If the app prints the first application
  6. Now try to print another file
  7. If only a certain application contains an error message then contact the vendor of the printer
  8. But if the error happens with all the software
  9. Then disconnect the printer to the PC or network from all the cables.
  10. Turn the printer off
  11. Remove from the printer all DIMM memory or third party DIMMs.
  12. Next, delete from the machine all EIO devices
  13. Now turn on the printer
  14. Install the stuff you delete if the error is longer
  15. Replace the DIMM or EIO if the mistake occurs
  16. Cable and network link with all cables

If the error still disrupts the printer’s functioning, consider taking HP Printer Service assistance.

Step 2: Clean Out the Registry Files

This step is important to ensure that your machine is secure and typically running before you opt for this step. The registry is a huge window system database that saves essential settings and options for your device to run correctly.

Therefore, for any important element of your computer, this portion of your PC constitutes a storage facility. It includes Windows features like your most recent emails and even your wallpaper on your screen.

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Registry sadly makes some errors on your PC and causes Windows to display errors. And one of these errors is HP Printer 49 Service Error. You must also make sure that it is not why a registry cleaner should be downloaded. All machine failures are cleaned by the cleaner.

Final Instruction to Remove HP Printer 49 Service Error

As we know how scary this mistake is you are sure to solve the problem by following this guide. However if the problem still stops your job, consider contacting an HP Online Support expert. The experts are well aware of this problem and will assist you in getting out of this mistake in your HP printer.

If you are unable to Fix HP 49 Service Error and HP Printer 49 Service Error HP LaserJet, just Dial +1-855-455-1176 for Fix HP Printer Error 49 and HP Printer Error Code 49