How To Fix HP Hard disk Error Code 301?

How To Fix HP Hard disk Error Code 301?

How to Fix HP Hard disk Error Code 301? HP Hard disk Error Code 301 is usually generated by corrupted registry entries. Well, experts have spent hours to look for a solution to this error and finally they have found one. This is the most common form of HP hard disk error as per as study by HP Laptop Support is concerned. Applying these solutions will drastically speed up the PC performance into much faster process and more importantly it will further stop executing such critical and unexpected errors.

The HP SMART hard disk error may occur when you are turning on your laptop or booting your computer. But do you know what the reasons for SMART hard disk error HP and how to fix SMART hard disk error 301? You can go on your read to find the solutions.

HP Hard disk Error Code 301

Cause of the HP Error Code 301

To solve the issue, we need to first understand the reasons to why SMART hard disk error 301 occurs. Then, accordingly, you can take measures to prevent such issues in future. Following are some of the factors that can lead to SMART hard disk error 301:

  • Outdated or Misconfigured BIOS
  • Loose connection
  • Application or Driver conflicts
  • Virus issues
  • File corruption
  • Unexpected shutdown
  • Power surge
  • Physical damage

HP Laptop SMART Hard Disk Error 301 | How to Fix it ?

Irrespective of the fact, whether you are running Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 8, SMART 301 Hard Drive Error HP is an unexpected error message indicating your hard disk drive (HDD) or the solid-state drive (SSD) failure. You usually face it at the moment when you turn on your laptop or system.

Most of the errors on the HP laptops are caused due to un-installation of the programs or installation of the new ones or may be even due to accidentally deletion of various important files. It’s further essential to perform a PC scan every now and then. Well, more users definitely need to ensure that these files are well placed and everything is as it should be.

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Steps to Fix HP Hard Disk Error Code 301

Step 1: Using the “Free Tool”

  • Click on nth desired location to get the free tool.

Step 2: Scanning Step

  • Click on the “Start Scan” process to scan the PC for available errors as suggested by Laptop Technical Support professionals
  • If errors are encountered, then click on the “Next” button and then tap on the “Fix Now” icon to fix the issue

Step 3: Reboot the PC

  • Users are further suggested to reboot the PC for any kind of changes made by them to take an effect on it.

Select backup source

  1. Enter the main interface of MiniTool ShadowMaker.
  2. Go to Backup page.
  3. Click Source module and choose Disk and Partition.
  4. Select the disk encountering the SMART hard disk error and click OK to go on.

Choose the backup destination

  1. Click Destination module on the Backup page.
  2. Choose a backup destination to save the backup image. It is recommended to choose an external hard drive.
  3. Click OK to continue.

Start to back up

  1. Returning to the Backup page, click Back up Now to start backing up immediately.
  2. Or you can click Back up Later to delay the hard drive backup task.

When you have finished all steps, you can successfully back up all your files and content of the hard drive. So if you encounter the SMART error hard drive, you will not come across data loss.

You can clone a hard drive to aviod data loss with the issue hard disk 301.

Step 4: Check for The Error Again

  • After scanning the PC by using the software, do confirm that Hp Laptop Error Code 301 did not return again. You will see that the PC will be in much faster running mode and is far more reliable than ever.

How to Disable HP SMART Hard Disk Error 301?

In order to disable SMART hard disk error 301, you can try to run test in BIOS menu. Now, follow the instructions to fix this problem.

Step 1: Remove and reconnect your hard drive

  1. Remove your hard drive from your computer.
  2. Reconnect the hard drive encountering SMART hard disk error.

Step 2: Enter BIOS menu

  1. Start your computer.
  2. Once the system starts booting, keep pressing F10 key to enter BIOS menu. Here you need to know that the BIOS key may be different depends on different computer brand.

Step 3: Change Boot Priority Order

Turn off your HP laptop and then turn it on. Immediately start pressing BIOS key, usually F10 in HP laptops and desktops, continuously until you see the BIOS screen

  • Use left/right arrow keys and go to ‘Advanced’ tab
  • Using up/down arrow key, move the selection to ‘Boot Order.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and move the hard disk to top in the boot order
  • Press F10 key to save changes and exit the BIOS

Alternatively, you can press F9 key continuously after pressing the power button to enter boot priority order. Use up/down arrow key and select your hard drive to boot Windows.

If the Windows starts, log in to your system and immediately backup your data. If it doesn’t boot up, proceed to the next troubleshooting method.

Step 4. Reset BIOS

SMART disk error 301 can also occur when there is an issue with the BIOS/firmware. This issue could arise over a period as you use your system and tweak BIOS settings that sometimes coincide and lead to such errors.

To solve this, you can update BIOS. When an update is not available, we recommend you to reset the BIOS configuration by following these steps:

  • Follow steps given above solution to enter the BIOS
  • Press F9 key to reset BIOS
  • Then press F10 to save and exit the BIOS settings menu

Your system will reboot. Let it boot and if this fixes the error, immediately backup; else follow the next troubleshooting method.

Step 5. Reset Hard Drive

It’s possible that connection between the hard drive and the laptop might have loosened due to shock, physical damage, etc. Ensure a firm connection between the hard drive and the motherboard by reseating the hard drive.

Be careful while playing with the internals of the laptop as it may further damage your laptop. If you are not familiar with the hardware part, skip this method.

Step 6. Hard Reboot

While system reboot is the first step to troubleshooting, sometimes restarting a system doesn’t necessarily fix some issues such as SMART disk error 301. In such a case, you need to shut down the system and discharge traces of current from the motherboard. This is referred to as a hard reboot.

To hard reboot your HP laptop, follow these steps:

  • Shutdown the system
  • Disconnect the power cable
  • Remove the battery
  • Press and hold the power button for 15-20 seconds in order to discharge every bit of current left in the motherboard (inside capacitors, coils, etc.)
  • Wait for a few minutes and repeat once again
  • Then connect the battery and turn on your laptop

Hopefully, this fixes the issue; if it doesn’t, the drive might have got corrupt. Follow the next method to recover your data and fix the drive error.

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