Fix HP Smart Test Failed Error Code 303

How To Fix HP Smart Test Failed Error Code 303?

The HP error which is known as “smart test code 303” usually is a result of bad sectors, technical issues with the hard-drive, boot-up issues, hard-disk virus problems which appears while users are working with HP Printers. Have a look on our below solutions that are described to Fix HP Smart Test Failed Error Code 303.

Troubleshoot HP Smart Test Failed Error Code 303

Steps to Troubleshoot HP Smart Test Failed Error Code 303

Solution 1: Remove Issues With Bad Sectors in Hard Drives

If hard drive sectors are bad the, issues may arise because this is where the smart-drive program dwells. So it is advised to have a proper check on the hard drive to see whether there are any bad spots or any potential damage is there on the platter inside of the hard drive. This is necessary because the hardware is completely defective and a part of the platter of the disk is damaged. Also, it is possible that the disk is dead and here it needs an immediate replacement of the disk.

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Solution 2: Purchasing a New Hard Drive

Get a new drive to boot the computer in the safe mode by pressing the F8 button. Copy all your files in the hard drive to a new drive. If it is difficult for you then, buy a replacement hard drive and load the system disk in the CD Rom drive to easily boot from it. Switch off the computer and place the old drive properly to set the jumper as Slave mode. Boot up the device and copy all the required hard-drive

Solution 3: Remove Virus Related Issues

The error can also occur due to virus problems. So, here one needs to remove it with the software to help get rid of the error problems. Start the device and press the F8 key repeatedly until the boot menu comes up. Then select the “Safe Mode with Networking” icon.

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