HP BIOHD 8 Error

How To Fix HP BIOHD Error Code 8?

The Fix HP BIOHD Error Code 8 occurs which leads to computer restart issues by indicating that your system’s hard drive is failing. This issue often appears on motherboards too. It is commonly known as S.M.A.R.T. drive error code and SMART by its name stands for Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology which aims to scrutinize the computer device thoroughly.  Well, the concept checks the whole computer hard disk drives as well as solid-state drives (SSDs) to detect and report issues on various drive technical faults. Further, the process enables users solve all hardware issues. Let’s have a look on below steps to know how to Fix HP BIOHD Error Code 8.

Here are Steps to Fix HP BIOHD Error Code 8

Troubleshoot HP BIOHD 8 Error

Step 1: Perform Following Process You are Working on HP Computer or Motherboard

  • Don’t ever try to change the hard drive as you know that your HP computer’s motherboard is stuck in this problem and to avoid getting your new hard drive damaged.
  • If users are having a computer with the HP motherboard attached to it then, he/she will probably need to get the motherboard replaced before performing any other thing.

Step 2: Check for the Computer’s Hard Drive for Any Errors to Remove the HP BIOHD-8 error

  • If you are not running Windows on normal mode then, try to work in Safe Mode.
  • Once you have got the access to Windows, install and then, run the “CrystalDiskInfo” option to check whether the hard drive has a healthy status or not. Users who are not able to start Windows in normal mode then, try to boot from a USB to check the hard drive’s health status whether it’s working fine or not?
  • To check whether the PC is running healthy, it is always recommended to use a trusted registry cleaner as well as optimizer such as Cleaner.

Troubleshoot HP bIOHD 8 error

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