How To Fix HP LaserJet Printer Error B0605 ?

HP LaserJet Printer Error B0605

HP error code b0605 is a very common error code that the users have to go through while using the printer. HP Printer Error B0605 will appear on the screen due to inability to perform the boot process. HP LaserJet Printer Error B0605 with the help of our technical experts.  Other reasons such as installation error, driver related problem, setup technical issues, software update problems, paper jam concerns, not placing papers in queue, slow printer performance, printing quality can give rise to above error code.

If Error B0605, B0604, B0603, B0602, or B0601 shows during printer initialization on your HP LaserJet P2050 Printer series some time cause is Firmware crashes or printer is switch off when critical firmware updating. There are 2 things to cause this problem. To repair HP LaserJet P2050 Printer Error B0605, the experts in Printer Support give you the simple steps below.

If you have an HP printer with a B0605 error, then you need to know how to fix the problem. HP printers often work well and are brilliant machines used both in offices and in homes. However, it continues to display errors just like any computer. If you are facing a B0605 error printer, you can either fix the same problems on your own. or you can reach on the Customer Care number to talk with the experts. If you are planning to troubleshoot the problem, then this blog is meant for you.

What You Need to Know About HP Printer Error Code B0605?

There are two reasons why you may face HP error code b0605. The first reason is if the firmware software is already installed on the computer. And the other reason is the opposite which means if the firmware software is not installed on the computer. Let us discuss this in detail here.

  • If the drivers for the printer are already installed in the bootcode mode. For this, you need to press and hold the ok and cancel button at the same time. Then turn on the printer and keep holding the two buttons until you see the HP and bootcode on the digital panel of the printer.
  • The next thing that you need to check is printer is properly connected to the computer with the USB cable connections and the firmware is updated for the printer.

The second reason why you may face this problem is if the drivers for the HP printer is not installed. Then here are the steps that you need to take to fix of HP Printer Error B0605.

  • You need to install the printer drivers. Simply run the printer driver CD on your computer.
  • If you are using Windows then click on the start button and then go to the settings option and click printers and faxes.
  • Then you need to add the printer for adding the printer wizard and then select the next option.
  • Then you need to check the printer that is connected to the printer.
  • Once the drivers are installed you can check of the error code is fixed or not.

Steps to Fix HP LaserJet Printer Error Code B0605


To fix HP Printer error code B0605, they need to go after various steps and resolve the issue.

Step 1: The first step is to perform a HP’s troubleshooting process as suggested by HP Printer error code B0605.

Step 2: Once done, customers need to opt for a re-flash the firmware in the Boot Code mode

Step 3: At last, try to reboot the printer and check whether the error code has subsided or not?

in this type, the printer software driver is not found on the PC. The steps under this type are-

  1. a) Push in the CD of printer installation
  2. b) Move to start, select settings and from options click Printers and faxes
  3. c) Select options to add a printer and then select next
  4. d) Check for any local printer connected to your computer, disallow automatic detection option and install the plug and play printer. Select the next button after following all steps.
  5. e) Choose file and select have disk button
  6. f) Browse to find the CD drive in which printer installation CD is inserted, click okay when found.
  7. g) Select printer installation CD and move to the next button.
  8. h) Specify the name of the printer, move to next
  9. i) Click no followed with next selecting finish button at last.
  10. j) Once done verify if the printer is listed in printer and Faxes window.
  11. k) On printer and faxes window, click properties that appear as you right click on the printer.
  12. l) Select ports tab and see USB sort
  13. m) Close new hardware found wizard as it appears.

If you find yourself unable to solve the issue by following either of the two solutions, it is recommended that an expert’s help is taken. But we are positive this should answer your query on How to Fix HP Printer Error b0605

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