How To Fix HP Printer Error Code 0x80070490?

Resolve HP Printer Error Code 0x80070490

The error is commonly referred to as “Windows Update Null Print Error” and usually occurs when the system detects an “Unknown Computer” under printers. We urge users to use HP Printer Error Code 0x80070490 to avoid future issues. At HP Customer Support Number + 1-855-455-1176, however, one can provide expert assistance.

Steps to Fix HP Printer Error 0x80070490 :

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Step 1: This is very step suggested by HP Printer Customer Service team which is pretty much easy for users to understand as well. The error is however caused in the Windows device who have purchased HP computers.  Well, to solve this issue, users need to click the “Windows key” on the keyboard or just tap on “start button” and type a message as “device manager” without quotes. Once your device manager will open, users simply need to scroll down to the “Printers” section.

HP Printer Error Code 0x80070490

Step 2: The second step will be to remove all unknown printer. This should be done to fix the Enterprise WSD Multi-Function Printer problem which is very essential to remove the error code. Now, in the “Device Manager” section simply right click on “Unknown Device” icon to select “Uninstall” option. Users when done with this step, will remove it while indicating that there are no new updates to install further.

So, here you will get the above issue completely resolved. Still any queries which you think needs a professional help then, approach us at below contact details where our HP Printer Customer Care Service team will help you in all possible manners!

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