How to Reset HP Laptop Password?

Reset HP Laptop Password

This Blog shows you how to Reset HP Laptop Password when you forgot it. Forgetting passwords for any account may come as a painful issue for us and it especially happens when you are in the middle of something important. Well, often users may come across a situation where they have set a “power-on password” and you are unable to log into it. Then, let me tell you that it cannot be unlocked without a professional guidance. But, if anyone wants to manually perform it manually then, follow given below steps described to Reset and Unlock HP Password of HP.

Here are Simple Methods to Reset HP Laptop Password

Reset and Unlock Password of HP

• Hit on “power button” and then hold it at-least for five seconds
• If your laptop is turned off then, don’t forget to turn it on
• Press the “F8” button before your Windows system starts. Make sure that you are pressing the button before screen loading phase
• Tap on “safe mode” option by navigating yourself to “advance menu” icon and click on “admin account”
• Proceed to all below three methods to Reset and Unlock Password of HP.

Method 1: Resetting the Password

• Go to “control panel” section which can be accessed from start menu and then hit on “user’s account”
• To set the password for a particular type of account, selection of a type of account is to be made
• Hit on the option “chose password” and then carefully follow all the instructions as guided

Reset HP Laptop Password

Method 2: Unlocking of HP Password

• Once a password has been assigned to HP computer’s BIOS configuration utility, users need to enter their password to access the BIOS every time. Password if forgotten can be easily retrieved anytime.

Method 3: Recovering the Password

• Turn on the HP computer
• Hit on “F2” button to easily load the HP BIOS access screen where you will be prompted for password on monitor
• In the password section, just type the word “merlin” without any quotes and then hit “enter” button to Recover the HP password.

Well, users can get in touch if they are faced with any kind of HP password issues by calling us at HP Customer Support +1-855-626-0142 instantly. We promise to lend them our hands in resolving their critical to critical issues as and when needed.

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